Bucks Food Waste Trolley Dash

August saw the launch of the Food Waste Trolley Dash as the team started the county wide tour at Vale Harvest on the 7th August 2021 alongside Zero Carbon Haddenham. A brain-child of the Food and Climate Connection group, the trolley is a head turner with a difference. Not giving away food prizes or vouchers, the trolley symbolises the amount of money an average family of four could save across a year from reducing the food they waste. The WRAP figure stands at a bold £710!

When faced with the food waste home challenge, many of us claim we don’t waste much at all. However, every scrapping into the bin adds up, as so does the cost to the climate crisis. Not just the food that’s discarded, but also all the energy that has gone into creating it, farming, transport, production, and packaging are just a few of the costs.

Our Bucks FP campaign supported by Feedback EAT IT, COMPOST IT, CADDY IT also made its debut with the street team handing out caddy stickers as a reminder in the kitchen; as well as the popular Food SOS recipe cards designed to help us to use up those commonly wasted items like potatoes, eggs and bread!

It was great to get out and have inspiring conversations about ways to reduce waste in the home, from leftover soups to creative sauces and composting. The trolley will be visiting High Wycombe Town Centre Market 13th, Hazlemere 21st, Parklife Aylesbury 28th August and Marlow 4th Sept finishing off in Wendover on the 18th September, so why not pop along and check it out.