GLUT busting recipes – A Food Citizens Cookbook

A Food Citizen’s Cookbook focuses on fruit and vegetable gluts common to Buckinghamshire.

From gooseberries to potatoes, cabbage to rhubarb; the recipes in this cookbook give you the chance to help prevent tonnes of food waste entering landfill.

Food waste is a problem from farm to fork. As food citizens we need to address food waste in our homes but also be mindful of waste that occurs beyond household bins and work towards a better food system.

“Food that could have been eaten but gets thrown away (5.0 million tonnes) is worth around £15 billion. This is almost £70 per month for the average family with children. The carbon associated with this food waste is equivalent to that generated by one in four cars on UK roads.”

On a regional level there is potential to connect low levels of production surplus from allotments and farms to support good causes and reduce waste. Redistribution of surplus food from major supermarkets and distributors is mainly through SOFEA, the charity distributing food for FareShare in the Thames Valley.

There are nine foods that were consistently surplus in large quantities in Buckinghamshire. These were: 

  • Bananas
  • Fruit juice, chilled
  • Potatoes
  • Yoghurt, flavoured
  • Carrots
  • Bread
  • Milk (cow’s)
  • Cake products
  • Oranges

Feedback has been running a project called Growing Food Citizens. We work with local people and groups to build awareness of the environmental impacts of what we eat and what we waste. Together we explore how we can be active participants in our food system by becoming food citizens, shaping what we eat and where it comes from for our health and our planet. 

We were delighted to be working with Empower to Cook on this project to help more people learn food skills to avoid waste and have healthier diets. In this cookbook we are exploring the foods that most often go to waste in Buckinghamshire during the different months of the year, providing recipes to help experiment with new and delicious meals to address this waste.

Why not try out a few recipes at: