Bucks Seed Amnesty ’22

This Spring, our Community Food Growing Action Group has decided to encourage residents to surrender their old seeds in a bid to support community growing spaces; but to also repurposed many unused seeds that fall down the back of kitchen draws or never get to be planted out.

Through the centuries, gardens have served not only as places to grow plants but as spaces for people to relax, to focus, and to connect with nature and each other. Today, gardening can provide many mental health benefits for your daily life. – Dan Brennan, MD 

Promoting Good to Grow Weekend 22-25th April 2022 local groups are welcoming any unused seeds from the local communities or businesses that could be used in their local and outreach work. Why not take them along and also have a look around at one of the Open Days!

Many people start to hoard seeds once they realise the small amounts they actually plant out, tending to buy need seeds each year rather than using older half used packets they have laying around. This Seed Amnesty means that seeds don’t get wasted and are put to good use!

Shanthi From Womens Cultural Arena, Wycombe Communtiy Kitchen and Allotment said :

“Asking people to be active and share their unwanted seeds and developing  growing attitudes : that  is the way forward!”

Many seeds can be used after their expiry dates:

1-2 year: onions, parsnips, parsley, salsify, and spinach

2-3 years: corn, peas, beans, chives, okra, dandelion

3 years: carrots, leeks, asparagus, turnips, rutabagas

4 years: peppers, chard, pumpkins, squash, watermelons, basil, artichokes and cardoons

5 years: most brassicas, beets, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, muskmelons, celery, celeriac, lettuce, endive, chicory

If you wish to donate any seeds please get in touch with any local growing projects, including:

Wycombe: Grow Together Bucks CIC, Wycombe Community Fridge.

Beaconsfield: Alfriston School,

Aylesbury: Community Youth Ventures CIC, Youth Concern & Community Grow,

Chesham: Waterside School,

Wendover: Grow to Give,

Chalfont: Restore Hope or email rebeccanutley@bucksfoodpartnership.org

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