Khepera gets Bucks ‘Back on Track’

Khepera CIC has been breaking new ground with a new health support project with a Cooking focus on diabetes and heart disease

High Wycombe has the highest rate of heart disease in Bucks, obesity and / or high blood sugar levels (diabetes) are contributing factors.

The team asked the question….

Why are so many people suffering un-necessarily to manage these conditions, which are mainly caused by lifestyle & food?

Over the past 8 weeks they have been going back to basics on health & self-care – to help people really make a difference to their future wellbeing. Focusing on issues that affect metabolism (how fast your internal organs work)…obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

They will help you to understand the practical aspects of managing your health.

Understanding how the body works, with experts in :-
*Cooking for health
* Psychology of change
*Chef with lived experience of reversing diabetes. They want to help you to make a lasting improvement to your health, so want to hear from people who really want to improve their health!

Understanding the body is 🔑

Charmaine from Khepera said ‘The feedback from our #backontrack project has been amazing.’

Week 5 …attendees sleeping better, less joint pain, less bloating, lower blood pressure & better management of blood sugar.

They’re also loving the new vegan ingredients they are being introduced to.. comments about being able to go meat free are fab!!

They will be running another one in a few months… Sign up now if you too want to manage your health.

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