Buckinghamshire Food Partnership has always been driven by the needs across the county. Whether it is the need for local producers to have spaces to sell their produce, the need for better education about healthy and sustainable diets within our schools, or the increased demand for foodbanks.

Our Action Group themes allow for focused discussion, action and coordination. Anyone is welcome to attend if they have a particular interest or idea they would like to share or seek information about. Each group has a Chairperson and you can find out more information about forthcoming meetings and events below

Farming & Food Business

Linking into local economy and farming groups, this action group maps local business, alliances and projects and connects these as a network. Combining market forces to ensure leadership and oversight across the county. 

Food For All

Food access and equality are high on the priorities for many of us, and in Bucks we also want to see how we can work together to reduce food poverty and increase access to healthy and sustainable food. Bridging the gap between the Local Authority and the voluntary charity sector we are working in collaboration to identify better support, joined up services and equality. 

Food and Climate Connection

Food and Climate Connection is our action group bringing together climate action and zero carbon groups across the county through the lens of food, food waste and food supply and production. A third of all food produced is wasted and draws on the environment, contributes to the climate crisis and ultimately waste money. This group looks at ways we can take local action together, to make a bigger impact. We welcome anyone with a passion for the climate and environment with a focus on the connection with the food system. 

Community Food Growing Network

This group is for those working in the Community Food Growing sector. From community allotments, surplus projects through to gardens and schools. Focussed on combining expertise and experience; as well as creative ideas to get the people of Bucks growing their own food. 

Centred on our Growing Together – Community Food Growing Strategy which we compiled in 2021 to look at a range of areas of need, from planning to access to land and volunteers.

Food Supply 

This action group looks at local supply chains, producers and procurement;  from hospitality to retail and catering. This group will be commencing in the second phase of action groups in 2021, following from the initial work of the Education group and work looking into hospital and care home research.


School food is vital for health, wellbeing and the planet. This action group is conducting work around school food policy from school meals, food waste and growing. Made up of organisation that work directly in schools and the education establishments in Buckinghamshire. We are currently looking for keen schools to be involved in school pilots to look at their School Food Policy over the next year 2020-2021. 

Food Citizenship is another theme that is central to our work, and this runs through all our action groups as part of our ethos.

To join an action group or for more information email bucksfoodpartnership@gmail.com