Some people have asked what our logo represents. Designed by Alan Karlik from Sustain with the Food Coordinators in 2021 this gives you abit more of an insight into the meaning behind the golden apple!

  1. APPLE: The most famous apple in the world was raised in Buckinghamshire before two boundary changes moved its home to Surrey then Berkshire. Colnbrook was where Richard Cox grew the first Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple! In around 1825 Richard Cox planted two seeds from a Ribston Pippin which he is thought to have pollinated with a Blenheim Orange. Some years later, when the trees had fruited, he realised they had potential. These were later to be known as the Cox’s Orange Pippin and Cox’s Pomona. In 1836 he supplied some grafts to R. Small & Son -local nurseryman- who sold the first trees in 1840. The varieties remained nationally unknown until Charles Turner of the Royal Nurseries, Slough, started to promote them in 1850.
  2. PATCHWORK: This represents the patchwork of fields found across the county used for different agriculture based industries.
  3. PATCHWORK: This also represents the many organisations, businesses, social enterprise and projects that make up Bucks Food Partnership
  4. ORANGE/ GOLD COLOUR: The Golden Ball monument is a prominent landmark that can be seen part-way between Princes Risborough and Wycombe. The Golden Ball monument is atop the mausoleum next to West Wycombe House on Lord Dashwood’s Estate; the site of the origin of the Hell Fire Club of Great Britain.

Photo Credit Kyle Paul Morris